Brave Token

Age-verified payments

Brave Token is a blockchain solution that makes payments for adult content and services simpler and securer than never before. Now, your identity will remain anonymous upon purchase of those things that only adults should buy or see.

Discover the features of this cryptocurrency backed by the Stellar Network and join the most exciting Initial Sale Offer of the year.

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Age-checks meet payments


Brave Token

Your payment Gateway for ultra private purchases.


Your instant Pass to endless content and products 100% anonymous.

Brave Token works seamlessly with Shield ID, our  revolutionary age verification system based on facial recognition algorithms.

Brave Token has been developed to meet the needs of our customers who demand a 360 degrees  solution to perform age-checked transactions.

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Brave Token leverages the power of Stellar Network one of the fastest growing and most efficient blockchain protocols.


Discover all the features

that make us unique.

Universally accessible

Age verified payments without bank accounts.

Brave Token skips the middleman in fund transfers, enabling universal access to banking services without the need of a bank account. With Brave Token users can now turn different means of payments such as fiat, other cryptocurrencies and even phone credits into instant money.

With transation latency as low as  3 – 5 seconds, Brave Token supports thousands of calls every second as well as Multi-signatures and Smart Contracts.

Use Brave Token to pay effortlessly in websites, vending machines, video on demand platforms…without sharing your identity and other personal data with the merchant.


Consensus protocol

Taking security to the next level.

Brave Token follows the Stellar Consensus Protocol, which is asymptotically secure.

As a result, no amount of computing power can overtake consensus, making our Token completely invulnerable to 51% attacks. 

Our tokens can be easily audited by any developer in a matter of seconds.

Descentralized control, without the need of a central authority

Low latency, with few seconds at most

Flexible trust,  giving users free choice of the combinations of parties that see fit

Asymptotic security

Energy efficiency

Save the planet for the future generations.

Brave Token  subverts proofs entirely by authenticating transactions through set trustworthy nodes. 

As a result, we use far less energy than other cryptocurrencies, being more respectful with the environment.

No PoW mining

Over 13.000x more efficient than Bitcoin

0.000015 Kg CO2 per transaction

0.03 Wh6 per transaction

Brave payment rewards

Earn tokens with every purchase.

Using Brave Tokens not only protects your privacy but also pays back.

With every payment made with this cryptocurrency, you earn 0.01 Brave Tokens that are  instantly credited to your wallet.

Brave staking rewards

24% annual yield, forever.

Breaking new grounds is never easy. We believe that  brave trailblazers should always be rewarded.

The first 5,000 accounts holding Brave Tokens  receive 1.8% yield from their Brave Token balance,  regardless the amount, paid every month  into their accounts. That compounds into an unbeatable 24% annual yield, now and forever, until all token reserves are exhausted.

Socially responsible

Giving hope to those who need it the most.

Everytime you buy or use Brave Tokens you are also helping those who need it the most .

10% of the total suppy will be donated to children charities selected by the Community.

We think Big

The next Crypto Top Hit.

SHIELD ID aims to become the reference brand in the age-assurance market in five years from now.

In tandem with Brave Token, we ambition to become the global standard for the monetization of age-verified adult content and products.

Global platform users
500 million
by 2025
1,200 million
daily transactions by 2025
Active touchpoints
1 million
by 2025
3,000 million
Market Cap by 2030
Industry verticals
Mass Adoption
by 2030

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